weep for the environment

I shared an article earlier today about 52 polar bears moving to a Russian town due to the melting of the ice where they usually live to my Facebook page earlier today with the caption: “This is not right. Things like this, the fires in Nelson, the heat wave over Australia and the polar circle in America and the plethora of odd and unnatural weather events that have occurred in the last few months are a stark reminder that we NEED to change our ways as humans. I try to refrain from overloading everyone with this sort of stuff anymore … Continue reading weep for the environment

who do you see?

Who do you see, when you look at me? Do you see yellow white brown skin girl? Do you see bad driver, good at maths, Asian nerd girl? Or do you see assimilation, brought up White, almost kiwi, lost girl? Do you see girl? Or do you see culture? Worse even – do you see fetish? That putrid, disgusting word. Is that what [not who] you see? When you look at me, really look at me, do you give me a chance? Do I give me a chance?  Who am I?  Your gaze, your judgement, your preconceived thoughts. All of … Continue reading who do you see?

holes/ red and white

I feel like a piece of supermarket bread. Like a ciabatta roll gone old. You know how they go all porous and crumbly? Damaged by oxygen and exposure. I don’t know why I feel this way, but I feel like I could crumble like that piece of bread and be fed to the ducks. Like that bread, I used to be soft, White, Tip Top. Pliable. But the environment has hardened me. Neglect, but not really neglect – call it racial neglect. You can’t see it from the outside. Something more subtle. Like the oxygen in the air contained the … Continue reading holes/ red and white

grace millane, domestic violence in nz & our shocking media bias

The death of Grace Millane shocked New Zealand as a nation. How could we – purportedly one of the safest nations in the world – have let this happen? The tragedy took the media and the wider New Zealand public by storm and caused widespread outrage and sadness, with nationwide vigils being held for her just this Wednesday. There is no doubt that what happened was wrong. And there are a whole plethora of feminist arguments to explain why and to explain the psyche with which many young men are unfortunately brought up with to explain the problem here; the … Continue reading grace millane, domestic violence in nz & our shocking media bias

authenticity: what do i look to?

Ok, I was admittedly a bit worried about this piece of writing and the looming due date (it is in fact due today, the 23rd September 2018), because I had started it when I was asked to write it like a month ago and then I just sort of… R a n   o u t   o f Just like that. A tendril of thought. More and more of it just fell out of my head. The more I thought about it, the more nebulous the question seemed and that tendril coming out of my head got wispier and wispier until … Continue reading authenticity: what do i look to?

how @eatlitfood is not just eating lit food but also breaking down racial stereotypes

most ppl i assume have heard of the insta eatlitfood, albert has taken insta somewhat by storm with his food reviews that are either fkn scathing or very very praising of various auckland eateries, bakeries and cafes. however, aside from the enjoyment and amusement aspect i get out of reading his food posts, there is one thing that i would LOVE to point out that is very important to me and sort of runs along the theme of things that i have been writing about lately. he is Korean he posts about white food AND korean food and other Asian … Continue reading how @eatlitfood is not just eating lit food but also breaking down racial stereotypes

self love

self love self love is a concept that we have all bought into in the last few years and i just want to take a minute to unpack it. i find it quite an ambiguous phrase tbh, packaged into something that sounds quite nice. self love. yes, we all deserve to love ourselves and honour our energy, to look after ourselves. but at what point does this self love in fact just go too far and we become precious porcelain beings who can’t face pressures; at what point does self love become laziness? at what point does self love just … Continue reading self love